Foulum (AU)

The research facility Foulum, situated East of Viborg, Jutland.

The research facility Foulum, situated East of Viborg, Jutland.

Food and fiber production represents the dominant land uses in Denmark and Anaee Denmark includes three large-scale platforms with focus on arable ecosystems. Major research questions to be addressed at these platforms relate to future food security, production of bioenergy and development of new management practices to optimize these provision services while minimizing environmental and climate impacts.

Measurements of Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) of CO2 in old and new festulolium grasses with automated chambers (ECO2FluX) controlled by the LI-COR 8100/8150 multiplexer system.

FOULUM Agro Ecosystems contains a range of permanent, long-term experiments in arable and bioenergy crop ecosystems which provides a basis for a detailed analysis of time- and gradient-dependent changes in ecosystem functioning resulting from different cropping system management practices (i.e. conventional vs. organic and conventional vs. new innovative management practices, including intensity of tillage in combination with residue management and cover cropping, and maximizing primary production through double cropping systems and crops with long growing seasons). This comprises three long-term replicated field experiments representing major current and future agricultural systems in Denmark. Upgrades include equipment for climate manipulation (warming and precipitation changes) and mobile instruments for automatic and continuous measurements of biogeo-chemical cycling (net primary productivity, greenhouse gas fluxes, hydrological flows and nutrient losses).

NEE of CO2 is measured in the Biobase experimental platform including plots comparing an annual grain crop (triticale) with perennial grass (festulolium).


Poul Erik Lærke
PhD, Senior Researcher

Phone: +4587157692
Mobile: +4522401844


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