Højbakkegård growth facilities (UCPH)

Højbakkegård growth facilities

In addition to the mentioned Open-air platforms, three so-called Enclosed platforms are part of AnaEE Denmark. These platforms are highly controlled and instrumented artificial growth facilities, which are highly complementary to the Open-air platforms as they enable higher levels of environmental control and process measurement on ecosystems.

The Højbakkegård enclosed platform include state-of-the-art automated greenhouses (a total of 2750 m2) covering two phytotrons, a Phenolab and Rhizotron. All growth parameters can be managed including precipitation, temperature and elevated CO2. Most of the facility is relatively new and needs no upgrades whereas some renovations and upgrades of sensors and control systems are suggested for the older growth chamber facilities. The facility is situated together with the Højbakkegård Open-air platform and thus provides a good opportunity for combined Open-air and Enclosed experiments.


Sander Bruun,
PhD, associate professor

DIR +(45) 3533 3481