Højbakkegård (UCPH)

The research facility Højbakkegård, photo Kent Pørksen
The research facility Højbakkegård, situated about 20 km west of Copenhagen. Photo Kent Pørksen

Food and fiber production represents the dominant land uses in Denmark and Anaee Denmark includes three large-scale platforms with focus on arable ecosystems. Major research questions to be addressed at these platforms relate to future food security, production of bioenergy and development of new management practices to optimize these provision services while minimizing environmental and climate impacts.

Højbakkegård includes a range of permanent, long-term experiments in arable and bioenergy crop ecosystems which provide a basis for a detailed analysis of temporal changes in ecosystem functioning as affected by climate change, pollution and land-use pressures in managed cropping systems. Current treatments include hydrological changes, soil eutrophication, habitat fragmentation and various management practices including combined food and energy production. Primary suggested upgrades include new equipment for manipulating three major climate change components (elevated CO2, warming and precipitation changes) as well as new instruments for measuring major fluxes of greenhouse gases and elemental cycling. A special focus will be the upgrades to include interactions between the climate change components, a feature that is lacking in many international climate change experiments and is highly needed.


Sander Bruun
PhD, associate professor

DIR (+45) 3533 3481