Risø Fields (DTU)

The research facility Risø Fields, situated 25 km West of Copenhagen.

The research facility Risø Fields, situated 25 km West of Copenhagen.

Food and fiber production represents the dominant land uses in Denmark and Anaee Denmark includes three large-scale platforms with focus on arable ecosystems. Major research questions to be addressed at these platforms relate to future food security, production of bioenergy and development of new management practices to optimize these provision services while minimizing environmental and climate impacts.

The Risø Fields platform enables studies of cross-ecosystem (arable, grassland and wet meadows) experiments and is therefore an ‘ecosystem in transition’ platform in the Danish network. The facility includes a long-term, large-scale experiment focusing on the sustainability of bioenergy production consisting of 11 ha of willow, poplar and alder plantations (Short Rotation Bioenergy Coppices – SRBC) where CO2, N2O, CO, water, heat and momentum fluxes are continuously measured. A state-of-the-art movable FACE system (Free Air CO2 Enrichment) consisting of 8 octagons (each 30 m2) is a corner stone of the infrastructure. Retractable heating curtains are also available for field trial studies. Primary planned upgrades include new equipment for warming and precipitation change manipulations, additional FACE octagons as well as an upgraded data collection and database system.


Teis N. Mikkelsen
PhD, senior scientist

MOB (+45) 2133 1394